Excellent post Laura. Indoctrinating children in a harmful ideology has no place in any schools. And forcing adults into compelled speech hurts everyone without achieving the so-called purpose of "inclusion". There is no road to the future by following this path and "trans kids" are an adult fantasy, designed to make a profit from the creation of lifelong medicalization. https://lucyleader.substack.com/p/follow-the-yellow-brick-road

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Excellent summary. This lays out the issues in a very readable way. I can foresee a lot of kids being very confused as they grow up and experience the harsh clash of reality versus the airy-fairy nonsense they were taught about how our biology can be overridden with fashionable theory. There are times when our biology doesn't matter, but there doesn't appear to be any discernment or distinction taught in the RSE curriculum about when it does matter.

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I also am amazed that at the very point when the academic discipline of medicine is FINALLY acknowledging that women are not just smaller and more imperfect men, and that sex makes a profound difference in disease presentation and treatment, this shit is telling people that biology and physiology are just feelings because the concept of "truth" doesn't exist. Tell that to all the women who have died of untreated heart attacks because they didn't present to ED with "typical" (that is male) symptoms.

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I'm guessing this is because throughout history the majority of medical experiments were carried out on men and boys, often against their will and in situations where they had little to no autonomy or social power (convicts, soldiers, homeless, orphans etc). Also a lot of attention was focused on men's biology because we treated men as workhorses and cannon fodder and required them to function 'in all weathers' (so to speak) so that the resources did not dry up - resources that women and children relied on.

The modern Rockefeller 'cut, burn, poison' medical system is not really based on health per se, but on REPRESSING SYMPTOMS to keep sick workers / soldiers (ie men) productive IN SPITE of their underlying conditions, rather than actually bring them back to good health.

So while it's true that the modern medical model is often based on male criteria, since men were the original guinea pigs which created the data set, it's not really evidence of the oppression of women by men, as this issue has been framed in our predominantly feminist culture.

No matter how medical experiments of the 19th and 20th century had been designed, it was always going to be framed as the oppression of women because that's just how we interpret the world. Even if the healthcare system sometimes relies on male models of biology, women still receive the majority of healthcare resources both in terms of socialised healthcare and charities for sex specific diseases (breast cancer vs prostate cancer etc). Society is (and always has been) gynocentric, even if this occasionally has an unintended negative impact on women.

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or could be due to the rampant hatred of women that is so common

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There is no evidence of any 'rampant hatred of women' though, not in any systemic sense.

Men pay the majority of taxes and women are the majority beneficiaries of tax spending. In other words the net flow of resources (ie labour) is from men to women.

In a domestic setting husbands tend to earn more than their wives (by working more hours in more demanding and dangerous jobs) but wives control about 80% f household income.

Walk down any high street or look at any magazine rack (or online equivalent) and you'll see the majority of health/ beauty/ wellbeing service industries cater to women, not men.

We socially stigmatise men for attending to their own comfort, health and wellbeing. We demand men do the majority of dangerous jobs that ruin their health and shorten their life expectancy.... and a lot of these jobs involve mining resources and turning them into infrastructure that allows women to be comfortable and safe.

The very concept of the 'modern woman' is itself entirely dependent of men's hard labour to pave the muddy ground with concrete, build power stations, water treatment plants, warehouses, shopping malls, electricity lines, train tracks, cargo ships etc.... and keep this infrastructure running in all weathers.

As I said in my previous comment, Rockefeller medicine was primarily designed to suppress symptoms to keep the workforce (mostly men) productive despite their underlying health issues. Even with modern therapies sometimes being based on male models of biology women's life expectancy is still greater than men's. It's hard to make the case for systemic sexism against women when you look at the big picture.

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i equate gender ideology as women hate. the effort to rob women of spaces safe from biological men harms womem, who are assaulted and murdered by men so often its not news. now people pushing gender ideology seek to erase women as a class, rob them of their school scholarships, sports prizes, and personal safety. your claims are certainly one sided whataboutism. men and women work together. to site myopic examples to back your claims dosent hold up. ask your self why your so upset at womem. who hurt you bro?

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"i equate gender ideology as women hate."

'Gender ideology' (by which I assume you mean the idea that gender is no more than a social construct) is mostly promoted by women and it is the logical progression of feminism which has increasingly argued against the concepts of sexual dimorphism, biological gender roles and innate gender.

The success of 'gender ideology' is mostly BECAUSE it has been promoted and demanded by women. Had men made these kinds of arguments and demands nobody would have accepted them.

For half a decade feminists have fought for women and girls to have the right to invade male spaces ..... not just male careers but also men's social clubs and support groups, men's sports, men's sheds, boy scouts etc.

For men their careers and their workspaces are very much linked to their identities (much more so than for women). Feminism pushed women into those spaces, where they feminised them, which caused generations of men to lose their social identity, support systems and sense of belonging. Any remaining male culture in those male spaces was demonised as 'toxic masculinity' and men had to learn to behave more like women in order to avoid getting reprimanded or even fired.

Now a lot of those same feminists are doing a 180 because their 'gender free-for-all' ideology (social constructivism) is starting to backfire on them. But rather than admit responsibility for spreading a completely unworkable ideology which has demolished 200,000 years of male/ female boundaries in a couple of generations they are doubling down and blaming men and claiming (as always) to be passive, inert, innocent victims who dindu nuffin.

Feminism's 'gender ideology' is an attack on those men AND women who prefer to recognise (and respect) sexual dimorphism and the unique qualities each sex possesses.... qualities which are complimentary to each other, but which also need their own boundaries. Feminism drove a tank across those boundaries throughout the 20th century.

By framing 'gender ideology' as 'women hate' you are participating in the MALE POWER FANTASY that feminism represents at its core. Feminism portrays women as passive victims with no agency and men as active perpetrators with full agency. This puts women in the position of children, and makes men responsible for every aspect of women's lives (feelings, comfort, security, support, lifestyle etc).

It is extremely tempting to participate in feminism's male power fantasy..... as a woman all you have to do is go around claiming everything is men's fault and that men hate women. This puts the ball in men's court. It's now up to men to fix everything and make you feel better. But the drawback of adopting this attitude is that you can never become a self actualised, responsible, responsible, empowered adult female (which is why feminist women are so full of angst).

As a man (a male feminist) all you have to do is throw all other men under the bus and proclaim yourself to be The One True Hero who is on women's side (white knight).

If you want to challenge 'gender ideology' (social constructivism) you need to dismantle feminist theory from top to bottom. That means stop blaming men for all of society's ills. Start recognising women's immense social power. Men have very little power when it comes to defining social and cultural norms. In fact I would say the ONLY power they have is to align themselves with women and women's causes.

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it's actually so insane and so evil. and most parents will have absolutely no idea that their kids are going to school to be groomed.

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What a crock and backwards article this is, progress is not dangerous in any way, what is dangerous is the fascist ideology the conservatives want to push which will regress us to a time that never actually existed in real life

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