I love that people are waking up and the popularity of preferred pronouns has tanked! 🎉 I hope more and more people call out this ideology for what it is, a cult that harms vulnerable children and young adults like my son. 😥

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Interesting study. I must admit I am guilty of all the above. On dating apps when I see preferred pronouns or other religious terminology like “cis man” I’m like nah! Each to their own but I’m not interested in an extremely religious partner. At work I always walk on eggshells around pronouns bearers. For me it’s less an indication of their moral and virtuous superiority and more an indication of their emotional fragility. Pronouns at work suggest to me - i am a narcissist who struggles with feedback and disagreement and I am more likely than anyone else to have a full blown mental breakdown in front of you and cause problems for your career moving forward. Pronoun people are best avoided at all costs. They are often the ones who complain of toxic environments yet never question why this toxicity seems to follow them specifically in every aspect of their life.

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Well said. I'm actually very surprised the percentages aren't a lot higher

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Ah yes, pronouns in your resume - the dead giveaway you’re a snowflake that screams “I AM SPESHUL”.

It’s also a great way to introduce yourself as the person who will end up being an albatross around the neck of a company because it shows you’re exactly the kind of person who neither values money, tact or diplomacy.

It also shows you’re exactly the kind of potential employee who overshares their politics to the point where you’d pick fights with any person who so much as disagrees with you in the slightest, be they fellow employees, managers and over the most trivial nonsense.

And you know who has to clean that mess up? Human Resources.

What’s that? “Gender isn’t politics?” The last several years of inarticulate screeching word salad from Trans Rights Activists should just about disabuse anyone of that idea.

Progressivity should be a scaling disqualifier for employment, especially for pronoun wankers as they will be the first to file a harassment claim against you if you don’t validate them the way they want to be.

When you put pronouns in your resume you have signaled to everyone that you’re overly concerned with PCism and will be a tremendous pain.

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I assume that preferred pronouns on a dating app indicate a possible trans identity. I, for one, would want to date natal males and would skip any confused individuals. Using the term

Cis as a guide (versus pronouns) weeds out those avoiding a “bottom surprise” from those avoiding “cult allies”. I’m interested in more research on this because the reports from Pew surprise me regarding gender views. It feels like people want to be kind but don’t fully think through what that means until they are faced with making a personal decision such as dating. And dating seems to me the whole point of “gender” - it’s a signal to a mate.

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I'm feeling like I'm one of the very few people benefiting from all this shit.

I'm a vegan. I've been called every name under the sun, for my "EXTREME" position of loving animals.

😆 not anymore! Woohoo!

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On one hand, great, and I sympathize, but on the other, this warning pretty much loses all of its teeth expressed about contexts in which those whose favor is being lost are anonymous out of fear themselves.

No one's reputation is being ruined if no one is speaking up.

So it ends up coming across as self-serving, self-deluding cope.

I get it - I'm anonymous myself. Let's just not fool ourselves.

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