This is a very good analysis of the difference between gay and lesbian people feeling more comfortable about being visible now, which doesn't mean that there are more gay people now than there used to be; and the current significantly socially influenced transgender movement.

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I’ve been transgender since I was a child, but until I came out in my 20s, I could not be counted as transgender.

And I came out because I felt that society had progressed enough that I could transition safely.

It is no different.

I note that you’re neither gay nor transgender, so know nothing about what it’s like.

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You’re truly a master of gish gallop.

As far as I can ascertain, your entire argument (I.e. that it’s more than simply an increase in acceptance and tolerance) is essentially ‘these two opinion pieces postulate that it’s similar to the repressed memories phenomenon’ with no clear evidence they are correlated, nor any credible studies or evidence linking the two.

This is pure opinion, packaged up as fact. Nothing more.

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Hi CoRvA,

Slightly delayed response...

I've ignored the reference to being a "master of gish gallop" on this occasion, but in future comments that include personal insults will be deleted.

I believe that the careful reader will recognise that you've mischaracterised the _three_ articles I mentioned, one of which was a MedScape literature review.

However, I've since had time to research and write a more detailed article on the evidence relevant to this question, which readers might also find interesting:


Kind regards,


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